“Working with Emily has been a phenomenal experience from the beginning. She provided detailed information on the schools that helped my son navigate the selection process and helped him narrow down his schools. She provided invaluable feedback on my son’s essays in a timely manner. I was very impressed with her dedication and knowledge about the whole process. I would highly recommend Emily to any college bound student.”

Lettie H., parent

“Emily was amazing! She was very helpful with editing my essays. She provided very detailed and valuable feedback for my applications . She helped with the essays for each school. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Emily. She took my applications to a whole new level! I have been accepted to all 5 colleges”

Hudson H., high school senior

“Emily’s knowledge and expertise put my mind at ease from our first meeting together. She related so well to our daughter, and really helped to calm her down about the whole admissions process. Can’t recommend highly enough!!”

Sarah W., parent

“Emily helped me SO much with my applications. I was an anxious wreck and had no idea where to start with the essay. With her help, I wrote an essay that I feel great about and one that truly reflects who I am as a person. I got into my top choice school and managed to enjoy my senior year at the same time!”

Melanie A., high school senior

“Emily at Lodestar worked with me on my college application essays. I loved working with Emily because she took the time to understand the message I wanted to convey, and then worked with me to craft it in a way that made my story unique. The final versions felt authentic to me, but very polished and with a much stronger message than what I started with. I ended up getting into my top choice school (which was actually a school counselor told me I shouldn’t bother applying because of how competitive their application pool is) and I’m certain that my essays are what helped me stand out from the pack!

Haley M., college student

“Emily’s guidance and encouragement were exactly what my daughter needed to get her application over the finish line. She provided insightful and detailed feedback that helped J highlight her strengths and made her really shine. Working with teenagers can be tricky but Emily was able to establish a quick rapport with J which made the process a joy rather than a pain. J was accepted to 4 out of the 5 schools she applied to—we are thrilled [with the results]!”

Helen K., parent

“Emily’s support throughout the college application process was critical to my success. While I’m not intimidated by writing in general, writing an essay for a college application felt like a particularly daunting task. How was I supposed to differentiate myself from every other high school senior? What could make my experience jump off the page to an admissions officer? It felt like there was a second language I didn’t know how to speak. Emily’s calming demeanor and keen sense of what admissions officers are looking for boosted my confidence. I knew with her support that I was putting my best foot forward on my application and specifically with my essay. I got into my top choice school. I highly recommend Lodestar Admissions for anyone who is looking for support throughout the college admissions process.”

Kim R, college graduate


Emily's clients have gained admission to the preeminent colleges and universities across the United States and the world.These institutions include: